Salon Coaching

tim belcher
will help you
put your thing down,
flip it, and reverse it

It is worth it.

Here’s what salon owners have to say:
As a new salon owner, I could not recommend Whole Salon Consulting enough! Because of Tim, I’m confident in my business decisions on a daily basis! He has saved me 10 years of learning I’m convinced! You will not find a better person to care for you and your business than Tim Belcher!
Tanya Evans Salon Eight 5 Zero, Tallahassee, FL
Without the help from you and pushing me to do things that were uncomfortable I would not be the coach I am today to help the team grow. I was put in a situation a couple years ago and you were there as a mentor and coach and I will be forever grateful. So thank you, thank you!
Karen Bradley, Felix Andrews Salon Group, Naples, FL