About Tim

tim belcher
is a know-it-most

… and most of all, he knows what NOT to do as a salon owner.

A founding educator at The Salon People Business Academy, Tim bases his coaching on 40+ years of bad ideas, aha moments, hard-learned lessons, mind-blowing epiphanies and lots of attempts at a better way, both as a stylist and multi-location salon owner.

He’ll get all up into your salon operations to reveal weak points, reverse bad habits, teach old dogs new tricks, and find hidden gold mines.

Areas of change include:

  • Growth
  • Getting Busy
  • Creating A Culture
  • Financial Prosperity
  • In-Salon Education
  • Operational Flow
  • Career Paths

… and other stuff that comes up after he dives in.

Tim owns WHOLE Aveda Salon Spa in Florida and is a relentless dog person.




As any salon owner can attest, the road we travel to be a profitable salon owner can be quite “bumpy,” and is one that often feels very lonely. I began my journey as an owner by pure happenstance beginning with six chairs and a business plan that consisted of, “I’m going to bang out some hair with friends and be my own boss.” No business acumen, no idea what a PNL was, no financial/cash-flow/payroll/HR knowledge and I was in debt to my eyeballs. That path which began in 1986 through today was littered with a lot of bodies, but somehow (by the grace of God and a little bourbon), making every mistake, I survived and thrived! The point is, no one ever taught me how to successfully own and manage a salon and a team, and I feel my mission is to share what I have learned along the way.

My salons became a success when I learned that I am only successful when my hairdressers and spa therapists are successful. I could have a line of guests outside waiting to come in for services, but without a passionate team to perform them, there is no business. The service provider’s customer is our guests, and the owner, leadership, guest service team, interns, assistants and housekeeper’s customers are the service providers. It is our job to teach and support them, creating a reputation of “Guest Obsession” in our community. And, while we hold their hand we must also learn how to hold their feet to the fire as well. When all systems are strong and working like clockwork, when every team member is on their way to meeting their full potential, we can breathe deeply.

I have asked at least 1,000 hairdressers why they chose this profession, and I have never received the response of, “for the money.” I get a lot of, “I love people,” I’m creative,” I was always good with hair and makeup and when I styled my Grandma’s hair in the hospital, I saw how good it made her feel, and I decided I wanted to do that every day!” I share this because it is clear to me that we are a very special group of humans. We are kind, are motivated by spreading joy, want the best for our guests, and consider ourselves, “artists.” Unfortunately, these attributes don’t naturally translate well to being financially savvy or to being good business owners—this we must learn.

I would love the opportunity to share how I might help you become more successful while following your passion. Reach out via email with some days/times that work for you and I will send an invitation for a chat.

“I have learned that no matter how shattered we become,
we can put ourselves back together again,
back to WHOLE.”